On forgiveness

True forgiveness is a hard concept for some people to practice. I’ve learned that the more I forgave, the more love I had in my life and the more I became willing to receive whatever the universe had in store for me. I learned to forgive those I thought had done me wrong and thanked them for the lessons they provided in my life. Most of the time it was nothing more than a misunderstanding, so along with forgiveness I learned to have compassion so I may understand where the other person is coming from when something happens. I have learned forgive myself for all the mishaps and self-judgments; for the times I can’t keep it together and breakdown in tears; and for dreams I did not fulfill, for now I’m seeing there was a better plan for me all along.

We are human–we make mistakes. What’s important is that we can forgive each other–and ourselves–when things go wrong and learn from it. We must see these moments as opportunities to create a radical shift towards love. Every act of true forgiveness and love can cause can ripple effect that can be felt throughout the world. And right now with everything going on, the world can use a lot more love.

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What Happens When You Workout with Your Kids

I’ve heard it so many times after baby is the born: I can’t work out because of the kids. There’s no time/ they need my attention/ etc…

But what about working out WITH your kids?

I have noticed such a huge impact in their daily lives when I show them that I put the effort in to better myself.

They see that, yes, this is mommy, she does such and such for me, but she also has her own things going on.

They develop a habit of being active from an early age.

And if I include them in a work out, we get to spend time bonding and laughing, and learning things anywhere from how to count to: “These are called quads. They help move your leg like this.”

They learn that work outs don’t have to be a mysterious thing that no one should see you do. (Let’s be honest: how many people feel embarrassed to go to the gym and have people see them working out?)

They begin to understand their bodies and what they need to do to nourish them and stay healthy.

They find a way to handle their emotions and burn off energy.

They become your greatest supporters and trainers. They will ask for the daily workout, push for one more rep, and keep your heart pumping as you chase them around.

And if you ever take a moment to look in their eyes in the middle of all this, no matter what it is, whether it’s a hard core work out or something easier that ends up getting split up throughout the day, you will see their hearts filled with inspiration and admiration for the work that you do. And that’s motivation enough to show up to work out the next day.

Let your kids motivate you to be a better you. Let them see you make the effort to be active and enjoy the process. Kids are more likely to do as you do than do as you say. Plant the seed early on in their lives.

Show up every day in some way and have fun… Your body will thank you and so will your kids!

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How to Improve Flexibility Quickly

I know I’m guilty of not doing this at times. And when I am, my flexibility takes a hit.
So simple, yet so vital.
Drink more water.

Without water, our muscles and supporting connective tissue get dried out. And to protect themselves from injury, range of motion becomes limited.

Imagine a rubber band. Pliable when moist, but let it dry out a little bit and that sucker snaps.

Your body is the same way. Believe me, I know. I’ve hurt myself like this before.

So if you’re looking to improve your flexibility, water is key.

Test it out for yourself. Check to see where you are in terms of flexibility. Then, spend a day or two drinking enough water to replenish your body (depending on how active you are, this can vary. Let’s say a baseline 64 oz for inactive folks.) Now, once well-hydrated, check to see where your flexibility stands. Did you notice a difference?

If you need to drink coffee or some other caffeinated beverage to get through your day, be sure to include an extra glass or two of water to counteract the dehydrating effects of each beverage.

Having a well-hydrated body while stretching or practicing yoga helps flush out the trapped toxins that are being released. And with that improving not only your flexibility, but your immune system, as well.

All the more reason to make the effort to drink more water every day.

Tips for drinking more water:

1. Drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning. Increases metabolism and replenishes lost fluids from sleep.
2. If you have trouble remembering to drink water, set alarms on your phone until the habit is established
3. Add some lemon (or other fruits!) in your water if you can’t handle the taste of plain water. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

 Let me know if this one tip helped!
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5 tips to maximize your workout



Have you ever found yourself exercising and thinking of what you have to do today or of all the bills, the kids, your job, etc? If so, you may be depriving yourself of the maximal impact your workout can have on not only your body but your mind, as well.

Being present in your workout allows you to become fully aware of your body and drives each movement with purpose. Not only that, it also stimulates your brain cells as you envision the muscle being worked contract and relax with each rep. Focusing inward and on every movement can help decrease stress by turning your workout into a meditation in and of itself.

Reaping the benefits of the mind-body connection happen even BEFORE you step foot in the gym. Visualizing that you are going all out during your work out— imagining yourself performing each set at your best performance— will allow you to go harder, stronger and longer once you get into the gym.

It has also been shown that positive statements and thoughts regarding your abilities and your workout will improve your overall performance. What you think, you become! If you go into your workout with a negative attitude about yourself and your abilities, your body will follow suit.

So instead of just going through your next workout in an automated fashion, bring more awareness to what you are doing and to the ‘here and now’.

Cultivate a mind-body connection to get the most out of every workout by doing the following:

1. Shift your attention

Shift your attention inward and take notice of how your body is doing, how you are feeling. Not only will you get a better workout and understand how your body is moving, you will also reduce the risk of injuries as you keep your mind from becoming distracted by all that is life outside your workout.

2. Mix things up

If you’re having trouble focusing inward, perhaps it’s because you have grown accustomed to the exercise you are doing. Mix things up and start your workout with something new to establish the mind-body connection for the rest of your workout.

3. Have a plan

Knowing what you’re going to do before you get started allows you to remain grounded in the moment instead of having to come up with the next thing to do.

4. Visualize

Spend some time visualizing doing your best on your next set between rests. Imagine your run being smooth and paced. Feel yourself giving it your all during spin class.

5. Speak positively to yourself

Your inner dialogue can make or break you. How you decide to speak to yourself can help you stay motivated and push you towards your goals. Stay positive and begin your workout with an empowering statement.



Try these tips out during your next workout and let me know how it goes!

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Gathering in meditation at 9 am PST

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.13.34 PM

Every morning without fail, no matter what time I went to bed, Jayden comes to me and says, “Mom, it’s almost 9. It’s almost time. You have to get up.”

We gather together after morning hugs in a circle and go over our morning meditation. Breathe in peace, breathe out love. Breathe in peace, and breathe out love to daddy, to abuela, to family, to neighbors, to the people hurting in this world, to everyone, to ourselves. Breathe and be love.

As 9 am rolls around, we sit quietly in their dimly lit room, sensing the other soul meditating with us from a distance. It’s been quite beautiful, powerful and healing.. both physically and emotionally. They are understanding how connected we truly are to one another and the power meditation has in our lives.

My kids asked if even more people can join us in our meditation and help love and heal the world. Can you imagine the effect we can have if we collectively gathered across the world and raised our vibrations to one of love and kindness… even for a few moments? Whether you can sit and be in a meditative state, or simply breathe or say a short prayer wherever you are, take the time at 9 am PST to join us to #breatheandbelove . We’d love to have you with us. ❤

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How to begin to find love in your life

Love and happiness begins and ends with YOU.
You, as much as anyone else, deserves your love and affection…if not more. Without self-love, it becomes difficult to receive love from others, and we start searching for it in all the wrong places. We put ourselves in stressful relationships and situations which keep pushing genuine love and happiness further from our lives. But when we show ourselves love and affection, we find ourselves overflowing with love, and we can’t help but share it unconditionally. And this in turn attracts more of this genuine love into our lives. Loving ourselves reinforces our worth and makes sure that our needs are met, making self-love a vital practice for happiness.

It’s time to nourish the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Raise your self-awareness and be present for YOU today (and beyond!). What do you love about yourself? How can you treat yourself with love and kindness for being the amazing being of divine love that you are?


  • Do something you really enjoy.
  • Clean out your closet of things that don’t make you feel good.
  • Splurge on that item.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Get a manicure.
  • Whatever your heart desires.

Just relax, feel good, and be grateful about being you.

Be sure to:
See love when you see your reflection. Speak love and tell yourself ‘I love you.’ Hear love in your thoughts about yourself.
Be gentle, be patient and be kind with yourself. #breatheandbelove.
Taking this time to direct love towards ourselves daily not only allows us to reconnect with ourselves and recharges us, but it also improves our relationships. It is not selfish; it’s probably one of the most unselfish things we can do.
You will be with you longer than anyone else in this journey through life…you might as well cultivate your relationship with yourself and make it a tale of endless love.

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Creating Beautiful Memories: Morning Meditation with the Kids


As I was waking up one morning in March, I noticed this beautiful moment unfolding before my eyes.

Slow, steady breaths is all that could be heard through the thick serenity that filled the room.

Father and son bonding on another level. I watched in awe with a big smile on my face.

Before long, the timer beeped and they opened their eyes.

“Dad,” Jayden whispered, “can we do it 3 more times? I still have 3 more things on my brain.”

I giggled. He gets it. He knows what meditation can do.

“Good morning, mommy! Did you meditate laying down? Do you want to meditate with us?”

As I got up to sit with them, I hear Cataleya’s tiny footsteps making their way into the room.

“Hi guys! Good morning! I wanna meditate, too! Can I press the button?”

The feeling of peace that captivated the room with the whole family in quiet meditation in the minutes that followed is something that will be hard to forget…and will forever be cherished as it can never be replicated in the same way again.

This moment reminds me of this truth: right now is all we truly ever have. The past are memories. The future is yet to be told. Both are held as stories in our minds. But this moment… this is where life takes place. Where eternity exists. So as your week goes on and life gets busy, remember to take the time be fully present with your loved ones and spend time creating beautiful memories, because one day all that will be left is how you made them feel and the stories you created together.

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