Creating Beautiful Memories: Morning Meditation with the Kids


As I was waking up one morning in March, I noticed this beautiful moment unfolding before my eyes.

Slow, steady breaths is all that could be heard through the thick serenity that filled the room.

Father and son bonding on another level. I watched in awe with a big smile on my face.

Before long, the timer beeped and they opened their eyes.

“Dad,” Jayden whispered, “can we do it 3 more times? I still have 3 more things on my brain.”

I giggled. He gets it. He knows what meditation can do.

“Good morning, mommy! Did you meditate laying down? Do you want to meditate with us?”

As I got up to sit with them, I hear Cataleya’s tiny footsteps making their way into the room.

“Hi guys! Good morning! I wanna meditate, too! Can I press the button?”

The feeling of peace that captivated the room with the whole family in quiet meditation in the minutes that followed is something that will be hard to forget…and will forever be cherished as it can never be replicated in the same way again.

This moment reminds me of this truth: right now is all we truly ever have. The past are memories. The future is yet to be told. Both are held as stories in our minds. But this moment… this is where life takes place. Where eternity exists. So as your week goes on and life gets busy, remember to take the time be fully present with your loved ones and spend time creating beautiful memories, because one day all that will be left is how you made them feel and the stories you created together.


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