Gathering in meditation at 9 am PST

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Every morning without fail, no matter what time I went to bed, Jayden comes to me and says, “Mom, it’s almost 9. It’s almost time. You have to get up.”

We gather together after morning hugs in a circle and go over our morning meditation. Breathe in peace, breathe out love. Breathe in peace, and breathe out love to daddy, to abuela, to family, to neighbors, to the people hurting in this world, to everyone, to ourselves. Breathe and be love.

As 9 am rolls around, we sit quietly in their dimly lit room, sensing the other soul meditating with us from a distance. It’s been quite beautiful, powerful and healing.. both physically and emotionally. They are understanding how connected we truly are to one another and the power meditation has in our lives.

My kids asked if even more people can join us in our meditation and help love and heal the world. Can you imagine the effect we can have if we collectively gathered across the world and raised our vibrations to one of love and kindness… even for a few moments? Whether you can sit and be in a meditative state, or simply breathe or say a short prayer wherever you are, take the time at 9 am PST to join us to #breatheandbelove . We’d love to have you with us. ❤


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