Feel, observe and build from the wreckage

Things fall apart so better things can be built from the wreckage.
Sadness must be experienced for happiness to be acknowledged.
Because if you numb yourself to one feeling, you’ll begin to numb yourself to all of them.
Because if you reach outside yourself to your favorite drug– whether it be food, alcohol, cocaine, narcotics, (bad) relationships– to avoid feeling bad, you’ll begin a never ending chase to feel good.
Turn inward.
Feel what’s going on inside you. Observe it.
Feel what it’s like when you’re down to your last dollar and can’t put food on the table or pay your rent.
Feel what it feels like when someone close to you has a pending sentence looming over his or her head.
Feel what it’s like when things feel like they’re falling apart.
Observe how your body reacts. Observe your how you feel. Breathe into the feeling.
Sometimes “bad” things happen so change can occur.
Sometimes we are taken into darkness to cast off all that we were in order to be who we are meant to be once we emerge through the other side.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey which comes with its ups and downs. Shit will happen. It’ll probably mess with your head at times. But if we numb ourselves to the bad we won’t be able to heal from those experiences.

Sometimes we just can’t find the reason why it’s happening.
But becoming numb to it all is never the answer.

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How to begin to find love in your life

Love and happiness begins and ends with YOU.
You, as much as anyone else, deserves your love and affection…if not more. Without self-love, it becomes difficult to receive love from others, and we start searching for it in all the wrong places. We put ourselves in stressful relationships and situations which keep pushing genuine love and happiness further from our lives. But when we show ourselves love and affection, we find ourselves overflowing with love, and we can’t help but share it unconditionally. And this in turn attracts more of this genuine love into our lives. Loving ourselves reinforces our worth and makes sure that our needs are met, making self-love a vital practice for happiness.

It’s time to nourish the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Raise your self-awareness and be present for YOU today (and beyond!). What do you love about yourself? How can you treat yourself with love and kindness for being the amazing being of divine love that you are?


  • Do something you really enjoy.
  • Clean out your closet of things that don’t make you feel good.
  • Splurge on that item.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Get a manicure.
  • Whatever your heart desires.

Just relax, feel good, and be grateful about being you.

Be sure to:
See love when you see your reflection. Speak love and tell yourself ‘I love you.’ Hear love in your thoughts about yourself.
Be gentle, be patient and be kind with yourself. #breatheandbelove.
Taking this time to direct love towards ourselves daily not only allows us to reconnect with ourselves and recharges us, but it also improves our relationships. It is not selfish; it’s probably one of the most unselfish things we can do.
You will be with you longer than anyone else in this journey through life…you might as well cultivate your relationship with yourself and make it a tale of endless love.

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12 Tips on Becoming More Confident

We were born with the confidence of a blazing star. Just look at how confident small children are. But we just forget this in-born confidence as time goes on as we become influenced by all sorts of external factors. But it’s there– it’s just a matter of cultivating it.

For me, three things that increase my confidence daily are my successes as a mother, the progress in my yoga practice and workouts, and unconditional love. However, I’ve found there are many more ways to work on becoming more confident from the inside out:

1. Keep an open mind and see the potential to grow in every day situations. The good, the bad. All of it.

2. And stop hating! It only keeps you from realizing your highest potential. Being focused on others keeps you from focusing on yourself and keeps you in a spiral of negativity.

3. Be aware of your strengths and OWN them! What are you good at? What do you enjoy? Do more of that!

4. Strive for progress–  not perfection.

5. Know that sometimes #shithappens. Just pick your head up and move on to the next.

6. Believe in yourself. Whatever you project others will pick up and believe about you, too.

7. So be optimistic! There’s power in your words and thoughts. Negativity brought into fruition only undermines your confidence.

8. Work on resolving your fears. Or, if they won’t resolve, learn to work past them. You gain confidence in the small steps.

9. See yourself and others through loving, compassionate eyes.

10. Get physical, whether it’s yoga, weight training, running or dancing. Whatever it is, do what feels good for you. Working out not only does wonders for your body but your mind as well. Celebrate the progress along your journey.

11. Practice gratitude daily. Be mindful of the little successes that go unnoticed.

12. And meditate. Clear your mind of the thoughts that plague you. Get connected to your true essence and shine from deep within. Align yourself with the power of your higher Self so you may live your life to its highest potential.

Always remember: you are a beautiful, capable being, born to do great things in this lifetime. Love yourself fully and own your abilities with confidence!

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When Things Fall Apart (and Even When They Don’t), Breathe and Be Love

breathe and be love summer perez

It’s such a simple phrase, but it really does do a lot to calm your body, reframe your mind, and remind you of your true nature. At any given moment you are given the choice to react or respond. So whenever things begin to get overwhelming, out of hand, or just brings a negative sensation to your body, take a moment to breathe. Close your eyes.

Breathe and be love. 

Because that is who you really are. You are, at your very core, pure love. It can be so easy to forget, so easy to get masked by fear we learn as we go through our lives. But imagine how life can change when you start looking through loving eyes and respond with a loving heart. 

When you surrender to unconditional love

When you stop in the midst of all the chaos and remember.

 When you close your eyes and let it sink in. 

Be gentle, be patient, be kind..breathe..and be love

This reminder came to me in a moment of serenity after I had been crying hysterically during the dark times I was having over two years ago. My inner guide’s message was exactly what I needed to show me how to be happy again…how to find peace when things fall apart

Because the more that I show up as love, the more I surrender to something greater than me which in turn gives me strength to move forward. It’s in the remembrance of this divine love that fear moves aside to reveal truth and happiness. And it’s through the expression of love that miraculous shifts occur.

 Be gentle, be patient, be kind..breathe..and be love.

Remember, at any given moment you are given the choice to react or respond…to give into the negative cycle or to acknowledge its existence then gently move past it. If you find that you’ve headed down a path that doesn’t feel good, you find find yourself in negative self-talk in the mirror, screaming at a loved one, or completely stressed out, you can always choose again.

 Each moment is a chance for a new beginning. Simply close your eyes, breathe and choose again. Close your eyes, breathe… and be love. 

Let love give you strength…let love set you free.

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